World War 3 – Defending The Constitution

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The most important to understand is that across America the political & legal systems are ignoring the Constitution for profit and other nefarious activities of power. The Constitution is the law of the land. The Constitution has survived 235 years. The Constitution is respected and immulated by other counties. It is time to defend our Constitution the same as our grand fathers who gave their lives in WW2.

In my case the judges refused me a jury trial. This is a Constitution and Nevada State Law. If the jury trial is removed from the legal process corruption will put men and women in jail for crimes they did not commit. When these judges develop a meglomaniac personality disord and ignor the law they need to be removed from public service.  The problem is that the FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation is being controlled and will not communicate.  They also ignor the Constitution.

What is the next threat on the Constitution?

The Social Credit Score.

Is a system to over power the Constitution.

The Social Credit Score is a threat to the Constitution of the United States. Therefor a threat to the individual.

The Social Credit Score is a computer database controlled by China.

Wake Up America.  This needs to be stopped.

All of the Universities, News Media systems are paid money to talking about the Social Credit Score. How it works, but they never disclose how it is a threat to the Constituion of the United States and a One World Order tool to make you obay.