Police Are They Manipulated Into Becoming NAZI’s?

Police are trained to lie to profit for the legal system. Maybe some cops choose a different path. However in my case I was manipulated and I did not know it until I was told I was being arrested and more importantly was the criminal public defenders.

There are more important disclosure as how to conduct yourself when dealing with the legal system. With the police say nothing, shut up, if you can run away from the scene.  Make a clean get away. The police, lawyers, judges, and business model of the legal system is to extort from you.

Police Are They Preditors?

Police are trained to be megalomaniac predators they are sent out to collect the people who violate the law. However when does this behavior become a threat to society? When The 4th Reach gives them unlimited power to write false arrest reports, withhold evidence, create false evidence and in general perform as a criminals for income. 

Individuals Are Financially Distroyed by False Arrest Reports.

Criminal Defense Attorney’s can and will financially destroy an individual and his family. This includes your public defenders. They are not public defenders they are prosecutors. The truth is that the police, lawyers, and judges know that you do not have the skills or time to defend yourself in their corrupt business model.

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Gabriel Villanueva, Las Vegas Policeman or NAZI?

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