BoyCott Las Vegas, Wake Up America!

Why BoyCott Las Vegas?

Las Vegas Can Send A Message Across America.

BoyCott Las Vegas –

  1. The corruption in the legal system.
  2. Las Vegas has the biggest databases in the world. Clearly they are fortrusses.
  3. The Social Credit Score will enslave you.


The4thReich will resonate the criminal city of Las Vegas as a NAZI operation town. Las Vegas is controlled by criminal politicians, judges, lawyers and police who commit chargeable offenses on innocent people. The problem is there id no legal system to bring them to justice when the city is funded and controlled by a SS NAZI organization. The FBI is clearly a SS Nazi organization that is located in Las Vegas. The only way to stop The4thReich is to stop business. The business owners will wake up because their income depletes. People are lazy, people follow the path or least resistance. The good news is that the The4thReich database does not forget and tells people to refuse the services of listed judges, lawyers, and police in a court action or when voting.

You Need The Constitution.

I was arrested for a crime I didn’t commit, and the arrest report contained aggressive embellishments that left me fearing a long prison sentence. My public defender switched roles, withholding evidence and failing to obtain crucial information like police pictures and body cam footage. This made me realize that the Constitution no longer safeguarded my right to a qualified public defender. The corruption within the judge and legal system became evident in Las Vegas, where judges refused to honor the law allowing me to pay for a jury. My three attempts to file a Motion For A Jury Trial were denied. This manipulation of charges prevented me from getting a fair trial, leading to the dismissal of six public defenders. Public defenders, whether part of the system or not, operate on a corrupt defense model. In this situation, there is no defense available.

You have no awareness of how the NAZI organization the One World Order is taking control of America. It starts with controlling the police and the legal system. People face arrests for crimes they did not commit. The system forces them to plead guilty to lesser charges due to a lack of time or money to fight back. Democratic or Rhino politicians show no concern for the disregard of your Constitutional rights. They prioritize money, power, security, and self-advancement. As long as the Nazi system pays money to this registered Democratic voting individual the progressive nature of Nazi power will flourish and advance on all fronts. 

NAZI’s Are Surrounding Us!

Four years ago a retired policeman who knows the system attacked me at the Las Vegas Athletic Club. This attack was premeditated attempted murder with a deadly weapon. (Read About The Attack).   In my process to defend myself I discovered the corrupt NAZI business model of the legal system. The business model operates independently within the government, and it has now seized control. When I approached political leaders, I was shocked to see how they all turn a blind eye and become corrupted by a business model that provides them with a handsome monthly income.

The FBI is a NAZI Organization