BoyCott Power

Interesting AI Artificial intelligence HA HA is BullShit – Brainwashing Social Control.

BoyCott is the only public tool short of physical war with guns and military power. An individual has no power. American’s have lost the protection of the Constitution of the United State. The public needs to unite and stand against issues of government corruption and tyranny. Our political leaders and public servants are selling away our rights of freedom. Every individual, business and public servant who does not serve the objective is guilty of being a NAZI operative. Therefore they will be labeled. Look at WORLD WAR II when the people living next to concentration camps did nothing. They were as guilty as the guards who herded jews into the gas chambers.

Challenging a Corrupt Legal System

When a corrupt police & legal system attacks an individual the individual discovers he has no power under the Constitution. Because the legal system is united under the umbrella of money this keeps the police, lawyers, judges and politicians loyal to repeat corruption over and over. According to the legal system judicial immunity public servants no longer fear the Constitution of the United States. For more information The4thReich


What happens in Las Vegas does not stay in Las Vegas.

BoyCott Las Vegas To Protect and Restore the Power of The Constitution of the United States.

BoyCott to Stop “Social Credit Score”

Foot Note:

Remember what happened in Las Vegas. Slaughter of 50 people and 500 injured. Not one single shot was returned by the police department. It will happen again.  Why was Maui, Sonoma County, Paradise, and other regions fires started in the dark of night and supported by high winds?  Hmmm?

Disruption of Businesses

Because Las Vegas casinos, entertainment, conventions, restaurants, vendors and airlines are the true power in Las Vegas the companies and employees will be affected. Most of them have security departments that are well aware of the criminal police objectives to arrest and extort. They will get involved by demanding the resignation of the listed LivRight public servants.  The quicker they serve this objective the quicker business will return to a safer environment for all. LivRight Mission Statement

Rosa Park, Budweiser, Disneyland BoyCotts changed the World.

1. Rosa Parks arrested on 1 December 1955, the Montgomery bus boycott was a 13-month mass protest that ended with the U.S. Supreme Court ruling that segregation on public buses is unconstitutional.

2. Budweiser has disrupted the gross income of Budweiser. However the message is short lived.

3. Disneyland is again going to be the same as Budweiser a short term disruption in business.

4. The Constitution of the United State is the supreme law of the land and from time to time needs to be defended and protected. This is now the time.

Las Vegas is the second largest police city in United States. Las Vegas sets leadership standards for United States.