Never Trust A Lawyer

Lawyers – I would like to give a positive review about public defenders, prosecutor and judges. The truth you already know is that you are in their world. However you may have been entrapped by a criminal police officer who wants to enrich himself with false arrest reports. The police people create false reports to serve the legal food chain of lawyers with juicy arrests. Such as in the case of Russell Martin. However I have seen worse on YouTube where police will plant drugs in your car.

How To Know If Your Lawyer Is Corrupt?

Before your meeting, with a lawyer outline clear objectives and a list of duties he or she is to perform. Give him or her copy and keep a copy for yourself. They have a fiduciary responsibility that they will not follow. They do not give a shit about you. They will enable your trust though tactics of polite disclosure and useless words. Don’t be entrapped.

When he is not performing his duties be quick to discharge him or her with a Notice of Motion. Learn this process.

What To Do If Your Resources For Legal Counsel Dry Up?

LivRight does not give legal counsel only county public record disclosure and the story that the accused reported.

Thinking Of Defending Yourself?

This may be impossible Russell Martin did this with the help of lawyers outside of United States. He discovered that a lawyer in New York is the same as a lawyer in California. However with the help of Guru and Upwork he was able to file a lawsuit. Russell Martin discovered that when he wanted to look up laws in the law library he could find the laws. However when it came time to get case studies he discovered again the glass wall of the legal system. This is where the criminal NAZI legal system in United States keeps you from getting case studies. There is more about this in Filing Your Own Court Case 

Be Aware Public Defenders May Not Be Public Defenders!

Russell Martin fired 5 public defenders – They all committed chargeable offenses of violating judiciary trust and colluding with the court system to induce Russell Martin to plead guilty. All of them started out with good intentions but the legal NAZI system took control of them. Russell Martin knows that the public defenders and outside public defenders are all following and controlled by the NAZI business model that no one is innocent if charged with a crime. See Russell Martin

Criminal Defense Attorney

This is simple to understand. In Las Vegas criminal Defense Attorneys also work as public defense attorneys. When you talk with a criminal defense attorney you will quickly discover you will get the same results with a public defense attorney. The game is do you have money? One you will pay to get the same results.

Look at this statement on a Google Search lawyers website.

Public defenders are familiar with a variety of criminal cases and usually have experience working on criminal cases. They work with prosecutors on a routine basis and may have a better relationship with them that can help get plea agreements through.

This has no disclosure of getting the case dropped do to good legal counsel and the law of discovery because the law will not protect you.