What Does The4thReich One World Order Look Like?

To understand a world controlled by the The4thReich you need to look at history. The process of understanding is amazing. I am 65 years old and I have listened to the politicians for years. The first outward disclosure fore me was George Bush Senior talking about the One World Order. Then George Bush Jr. openly talked about the structure of a One World Order. Well to have order you need control of the police, legal, and political system.  To take control of these you need a lot of money flowing into your control to buy the politicians and legal system. The final is taking control of the most powerful military system in the world. All of these events are being played out and tested. You just have to look for it.

SS Nazi Police in America

Police in America, for the most part, may not fully grasp the implications of their actions, often unwittingly mirroring the oppressive tactics of Nazi operatives, albeit without the overt symbolism. There is a glimmer of hope that some officers recognize the ethical wrongness of their actions. However, the prevailing pressure within the police force to conform to a profit-driven, power-oriented business model can lead them down a perilous path.

To sustain their livelihoods and support their families, some officers find themselves unwittingly complicit in a system that bears eerie similarities to the Nazi regime. The hierarchy within the police can encourage criminal behavior, including embellishing false arrest reports, as it aligns with the profit-driven model. Unfortunately, this system lacks effective leadership to curtail its corrosive effects.

In this environment, unchecked greed allows the unjust imprisonment of innocent individuals, tearing families apart. The cost of defending oneself against charges like Felony Assault With A Deadly Weapon can be exorbitant, often requiring a life’s savings or equity in one’s home. It appears as though we are witnessing the emergence of a sinister One World Order, akin to the ominous specter of The 4th Reich.

Time To Destroy A City

Las Vegas is a city that resonates around the world. BoyCott Las Vegas and a message is sent around the world. The power of a database never forgets and professionals in charge will not want to test the power of knowledge and people united. Yes, people will loose their jobs. But the problem is deeply embedded in the police, legal and political systems across America. The FBI is no longer a Federal Bureau of Investigation. They serve the masters of the One World Order.

Mandalay Bay / Remember the Slaughter Of 500 People?

“Vegas Strong” Is A Lie

Even (AI) artificial intelligence does not disclose the true story based on events. This was a mass shooting event? But the events of the Police and Legal system are the true stories. The police and legal system withheld all of the photos and investigation reports. The same as what they are doing to me. More important is that the police did not return one shot at the gunman. A police chief was bragging about the great job the police performed on NPR radio. I asked why did you not shoot back? His answer was that it was too high to shoot. I called him incompetent or a criminal supporting the objective of the mass shooting. He never returned to NPR radio. Welcome to the One World Order, the4thReich.

Image You Have An Argument With Your Wife.

Common Scenario: This situation can happen to anyone. A heated argument with your spouse prompts you to leave the house for your safety, knowing that a call to the police could result in your arrest.

False Accusations: Unfortunately, your spouse falsely accuses you of abuse, possibly involving the children. Within minutes, the police locate you as you head to a hotel and create an embellished arrest report, charging you with crimes.

Financial Burden: Now, you’re looking at $3,000.00 for bail and an extra $2,000.00 to retrieve your impounded car. Additionally, you must hire a lawyer, costing between $4,000.00 and $5,000.00, to defend against Battery Assault Misdemeanor charges.

Unwarranted Arrests: This situation should never have led to an arrest, but encounters with people like “Karens” or “Bobs” who misuse their power can result in unwarranted arrests.

Self-Protection: If you face such a situation, distancing yourself from these individuals is crucial for your safety. 

Welcome to the One World Order: This is a troubling sign of the times, reminiscent of the One World Order and The 4th Reich.

Prosecution WithOut Accusers.

This happened to me.  I started fighting with the system by challenging the lawyers, prosecutors and judges.  The paperwork has no names as to who are the accuser, prosecutors and judge in the process. Only The State of Nevada Vs. Russell Martin. Who is the State of Nevada? I did research and the State of Nevada is not listed as a corporation. So if I am going to jail the question is who is putting me in jail? If the prosecutor, judge or attorney general is not willing to put there name on the documents then who is my accuser? Welcome to the One World Order, the4thReich.

The Judge Refused My Jury Request.

What Does The4thReich One World Order look like, well imagine that you request a jury trial for a battery charge. You realize that the judge is a SS Nazi. The federal and State laws allow you to request and or pay for the jury. But the judge refuses your request. You send documents to the FBI and they will not respond. This happened to me. Clearly the judge was not acting on his own decision making process that the decision was coming from a higher SS Nazi objective. Welcome to the One World Order, The4thReich.

Progressive One World Order SS Nazi Control

When you look around at the progressive attacks on gun control. The attacks on Donald Trump. The manipulation and control of FBI agents who refuse to follow the agenda. A hidden agenda that has all the markings of a One World Order controlled by someone who is not voted in by the people of United States. Our politicians are being purchased by powerful people with money. But United States and the world has a big appetite therefor to feed the objective of control you need to create false system of perceived value such as Social Credit Score, Social Environmental Score. Both Income and Control. There are more, but welcome to the One World Order, the4thReich.