Can War Exist Without Violence?

War is a word that brings chills to the spine when you watch WWII D Day or Iwo Jima videos. War begins because someone has an idea of how they believe society should evolve around their quest for power. This idea becomes leadership but leadership requires money for others to follow. The idea becomes obscured by the need for more money to pay the sheep. The idea pays the sheep and the sheep become soldiers of fortune. The proliferation of the idea gets out of control and power (todays judges) protect the soldiers (police). All governments become corrupt including United States. Las Vegas, Nevada is at the top of the corruption. As an author of this posting I am sure other cities have the same objective of extorsion and racketerring. You can find evidence of this in YouTube. The question is how many people just pay to get away from the corrupt legal system.

People die and go to jail for crimes they did not commit. Is it because others believe they are impowered with divine purpose and power. This divine purpose is a false belief and nothing more than an idealogy that has evolved into a corrupt system. Money is a demand that influences the weak and perform criminal acts. The world is evolving again under the ideology of The4thReich. .

Hitler’s Dream Is Evolving Again…

WWII was the world at war with an ideology of German dominance. Hitler’s dream took control of the public, police, legal systems and politicians. Next Hitler took control of the military machine. History is repeating itself once again. You only have to look at the signs. The Constitution of the United States is no longer honored, respected, or feared. The Constitution is IGNORED, DILUDED and PERSECUTED. The Constitution is no longer protected by judges, FBI, or DOJ. You never hear about a judge being removed from public service for violating the Constitution. Welcome to The4thReich.  

The Power of a BoyCott

The only secret tool we have as an individuals is a BoyCott. Physical war can be avoided throuh a BOYCOTT. It is a powerful tool to stop government politicians, judges, police and public servants. Ground zero is Las Vegas, NV entertainment city. 

World Communication

To stop the poliferation of The One World Order who will control you with a Social Credit Score you must follow the leadership of LivRight. You must communicate though a system controlled by people around the world. LivRight will communicate to tell you where socializm is out of control.

United States Government Is Too Big…

When I was a younger man I would hear on the media system that government was growing and out of control. This is why we have runaway inflation. The power elite are creating worthless government jobs for people who will vote democrat. All you have to do is look at how much money these people being paid. This has been the process of destruction in many other countries. The power elite have infiltrated the democrats, rhinos and judges with purchasing power. These powerful people with organizations outside of United States rule have filtered off so much money from The United States Financial Reserve that they now dictate policies to rule United States. The primary objective is to take control of The United States Military Machine. The most devastating will be Space Force with lazier technology. Maybe this is being tested now.  Look at the fires in Paradise and Sonoma in California. Then look at Maui and how similar they are.  The timing of wind, downed power wires, and destruction of vehicles is similar.  The new discovery is the color of blue cars not being touched. The collusion of military, police and political narrative is not a coincidence. The response people and political people obey the power elite because they want to pay for their home and family. The government people do not give a shit about you. This has the entire ear markings of The4thReich. 

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