LivRight Mission Statement

Taking Back America

Advocating for greater citizen involvement and control in governance is a sentiment echoed by many, particularly in the context of promoting democracy and accountability. Empowering people to have a say in how they are governed can lead to more responsive and representative systems.

Here are some ways people can take control of government:

  1. LivRight Voting: The process of voting on the actions of public servants gives notification that they are being watched. That someone has paid to post their actions to the world. The process  exerts pressure on the individual to look closely at the business model the government is influencing on the public. That if they execute the criminal activies of government the day will come that they no longer work for government. Now they are subject to LivRight disclosures to the private sector of business and will the private sector employ them. By voting on the actions of the listed individuals and giving a review you show that you are a patriot of your country. That you are aware and willing to fight corruption in public servants who wish to profit and advance in a monopoly environment.

  2. Voting: Participating in elections is one of the most direct ways for people to exert control over their government. However if an election is violated your vote is useless. 

  3. Political Engagement: Beyond voting, citizens can engage with their elected officials through various channels, such as attending town hall meetings, writing letters or emails, and participating in advocacy campaigns. This statement is part of AI horseshit. Everyday you see the power of an elite system controlling levels of education, politicians, police, sheriff’s, lawyers and government agencies. How do they do this. The person in this position is told what to do and if they do not obey they will not be able to make their house payment, put food on their table or survive. The power of leadership needs to come from a united effort of the people. 

  4. Community Organizing: Building grassroots movements and community organizations can amplify the voices of ordinary citizens. By mobilizing collectively around shared goals, people can exert pressure on policymakers and effect change at the local, national, and even international levels. This is another AI statement. Without a form of retribution there will be not change.

  5. Transparency and Accountability: Holding government institutions accountable for their actions is crucial for maintaining trust and integrity in governance. Advocating for transparency measures, such as open data initiatives and whistleblower protections, can help prevent corruption and ensure that decision-making processes are fair and accountable. This was written by AI but again the media system is corrupt. LivRight needs to connect with you so you can deside where to spend your money.

  6. Education and Awareness: Promoting civic education and raising awareness about political issues empowers individuals to make informed decisions and actively participate in the democratic process. By understanding how government works and the impact of policies on their lives, people can better advocate for their interests and hold leaders accountable.

  7. Civil Society Engagement: Supporting civil society organizations, including nonprofits, advocacy groups, and watchdogs, can bolster efforts to promote good governance and human rights. These organizations play a vital role in amplifying marginalized voices, monitoring government actions, and advocating for inclusive and equitable policies.

  8. Digital Tools and Technologies: Leveraging technology platforms and digital tools can facilitate greater citizen engagement and transparency in government. Online petitions, social media campaigns, and digital democracy platforms enable people to connect, collaborate, and mobilize for change in innovative ways.

While taking control of government requires sustained effort and collaboration, it is a fundamental aspect of democracy that empowers people to shape their collective future and ensure that governments serve the interests of all citizens. When all the above fails to happen BoyCott a city until the politicians and public servants resign.

Patriots of America Needed To Take Back America. Register To Feel The Power

The mission statement is clear and transparent. We hear and see the brainwashing every day though our media systems. An inability to confront the problems is diluting the will of the American people.The problem is that there is no management to stop the progress of corruption and tyranne. This is the job of the FBI; however, someone is paying the Federal Bureau of Investigation to look the other way and ignore the Constitution, which goes against our legal system. As an individual you discover this when you are defending yourself against the police and legal system. You discover this when you are dealing with:

  • Police
  • Legal System
  • Public School Agendas
  • Water Rights
  • Electricity
  • Gas For Cars
  • Gun Control
  • Social Environment Score
  • Politicians 

The system is huge and require a consistant funneling of money to buy the loyalty of police, legal professionals, government workers, politicians, etc.  

The foundation of the problme starts with our legal system and FBI who are ignoring the Constitution. 

Understanding The Progression Of Rich Men.

You are rich, so rich that the need to have a home, car, jet, looses its luster and power is the only satisfaction. What is next? Join the elite group to control the world. To be able to do this it is easy to understand. The man focusing on power will set up an organization with a key label (The United Nations) (The World Health Organization)  and others all countries will join. Then you start setting up management systems with rules and consequences. However you need control systems on individuals in each country. The starting is a credit score, next is Social Environmental Score. All of the systems create  income streams to support the management who as an elite  manage team. Making someone the silent president of the world.

Government is always opening more govenment agencies to buy democrate votes. Who is controlling the Democratic party, Hmmm?    

The Mission is to expose who serves The4thReich. “Remove Them From Pulic Service”

What Must Be Done

BoyCott – The primary tool to give notice that the people are in control is a BoyCott of the whole city. This means to stop visiting and spending money in the city. Stop tourism.

Controlling The Court The court room for now is still a manageable event. Actually it may not be. If you are charged with Battery, the law should be looked up, and a jury should be demanded. This will tell you if the judge is a RAT in the court. In my case the new judge is a RAT. She denied me a jury. No reason just ignorned Nevada State Law. If you are reading this there is more to this understanding. 

Legal Counsel – If you find your legal defender, prosecutor, or judge in the NAZI list refuse there services. Demand that they are removed. Soon they will find that no one will allow them in the court. They will be discharged, and next, they will rely on private counsel for income. However, legal houses refuse to contract with them because they have been listed as a NAZI.

Politician – This is toughbecause we are not in control. The4thReich will start out as a pin prick.