Judges or “Nazi, SS”

How to Spot A Criminal “Nazi SS Judge”

Criminal judges have a significant impact on defendants and their families throughout the legal process. Here are a few ways in which to spot a criminal judge The4thReich refers to as “Nazi, SS”.

Before boring yourself with reading how a Judge is suppose to perform. Lets look at how to spot a criminal judge and legal system.  Remember he has the power of a whole police department. He or she controls the business environment for now. You are not Vladimir Putin with nuclear war heads telling United States to go hump a pig. Remember, you are on a time schedule and if necessary to get in order request an extension of time. First if you committed the crime “Own It” deal with it. I am not a lawyer. What I disclose is what happened and is happening to me as a defendant. The man who attacked me is a retired police chief. I did not know this until later.

The first question that the legal system asked me while I was in jail was “How much money do you have in the bank?” “Do you have stocks or bonds?” “Do you own real estate?” This is self evident.

The clues did not start with the judge but more with his public defenders.

I was arrested for Felony Assault with a Deadly Weapon Upon an Elderly Person. This was a manifested arrest report created to create fear and income for an attorney.

Your Public Defender Is the Set Up to know if your judge has nefarious objectives.

I received my disclosure documents with arrest report. The witnesses full names, addresses and phone numbers were blacked out. I was sequestered from talking to them. Communicated by my public defender.  II did not pay attention yet. Trusting my public defender, I waited three months before I was being sued in small claims by Robert Moos, the man who attacked me. Feeling uncertain, I began questioning my public defender but did not know what to do. Seeking answers, I went to the law library. They gave me a list of how a public defender is to perform as a public or outside attorney. This is your tool to develop knowledge.

If your public defender is not developing a defense and following the rules of how a public defender is suppose to perform, “File a Notice of Motion To Discharge Public Defender”, You have to learn how to do this. Or go to www.Guru.com another is www.freelancer.com search lawyer. There are reason I went out of United States to get legal knowledge.

Your First Disclosure to a Judge

I disclosed to Judge Michael Villiani that my public defenders were stonewalling, withholding information, withholding evidence failing to investigate and that I believed he and others manifested witness statements to induce me to plead guilty. Judge Michael Villiani was very nice and told me that I was a liar and refused me an outside attorney. Do not allow your common sense to distract you. I had to suck it up and waited. I got more involved and I kept the documents. Read My Story for more information.

Judges can destroy your life & family

Judges have a significant impact on defendants and their families throughout the legal process. Here are a few ways in which judges can affect defendants and their families:

Fairness of Proceedings: Judges play a crucial role in ensuring a fair trial. They make decisions regarding the admissibility of evidence, handle objections from both the prosecution and defense, and oversee the overall conduct of the trial. The judge’s rulings and behavior can impact the defendant’s chances of receiving a fair trial. However, it’s essential to acknowledge that not all judges are perfect, and there may be instances where individuals feel the system is biased against them. In such cases, it’s crucial to seek legal assistance and advocate for your rights within the bounds of the law. Building constructive solutions and addressing concerns through legal channels is essential for upholding the principles of justice and fairness in our legal system.

Access to Legal Resources: The law library is a deception to send you down a rabbit hole of hours wasted. Get the disclosure page on the Constitution and how a public defender is to perform. Next contact a lawyer from out of United States. Lawyers are the same on the East cost as well as the West coast. You have to be tough.

It’s important to note that judges are expected to be impartial and base their decisions on the facts and applicable laws. However, individual judges may have different inclinations and a court business model as well as criminal intent. Read My Story…