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Choose Wisely Your Court otherwise you will be charged as guilty. The following is my discovery of the legal professionals & court system business model. The business model is to find you guilty. This is how the legal system gets financial support from the Federal & State government. I am still defending myself four years later against criminal charges I did not commit. This attack started out as a simple defence over four years ago.

How to Choose Your Legal & Court Professionals.

First is being strong enough to over come the tactic of the legal system that creates FEAR. This is tough and without the knowledge of what a professional is suppose to do you will not see the criminal activities of your counsel. I discovered though interview process that outside attorneys or public defenders are the same. Just that you pay one for the same services as the other. In my case they sell the same objective once they register with the legal system that they represent you. I fired all of them. No less than five pulic defenders. They are not public defenders they are prosecutors and jury trained to brainwash you into guilty plea.

You Must Refuse A Listed NAZI.

When you first attend your court hearing, make sure to note the names of the public defenders, prosecutors, and the judge. If any of them appear on the NAZI list, it’s crucial to remove them from your legal proceedings and find suitable replacements. The power of LivRight lies in the NAZI listing process, and you should never accept a potential criminal judgment from legal professionals with questionable backgrounds. Remember that the court environment can be deceptive; despite their polite and friendly demeanor, you must not be complacent. Take the initiative to research relevant laws and understand your charges using Google. They often rely on your ignorance of the law to their advantage and may even disregard the constitution, state laws, and manipulate evidence.

War – This Is War

Choose Wisely Your Court

Watch the videos of the WW2 a generation who died to protect your freedom. You will realize that we are in ww3 defending our freedom and Constitution.

What I realized is that the legal system is eleminating the  disclosure of the procecutors in the process. When I asked for their names and why they were not listed the judge asked why do I want them. My reply, “I want disclosure on documentation as to who is prosecuting me?” The judge replied the State of Nevada. I asked again, “Who is the State of Nevada and where is the corporate filings of the State of Nevada?” “Why is the address for State of Nevada not listed on the documents”? She avoided responce and put up a glass wall of no responce. This technic of glass wall is most troublesome. What is comming? The question is, don’t you want the names of the people who want to put you in jail for a crime you did not commit.

Demand A Jury

I demanded a jury, it is your priority one. It does not matter if you are guilty or innocent. However the responce of the judge will tell you what the business model of the legal system is? In my case the judge Diane Sullivan refused using a superior court ruling. This is legal manuvering. More than manuvering it is the Supreme State Court organizing legal presidence to protect the criminal decisions of a lower court judge. My charges were reduced from Felony Assult with a Deadly Weapon to Battery Misdemeanor there was more false misdemeanor charges. However judge Diane Sullivan committed a crime violating my Constitutional Rights to to a jury trial and Nevada State laws that also allow me a jury trial. The term is called judicial obstrution of the Constitution of the United State. Nevad State law under “Battery” alone you have rights to a jury trial. The judge clearly violated this federal and state law for nefarious reason.

Collect All Documents / Create Public Records

Stay vigilant and be prepared for them to manufacture false documents and engage in other underhanded actions. If you don’t see these tactics, you won’t be able to defend yourself effectively, potentially leading to unjust incarceration for crimes you didn’t commit. If the court refuses to remove a biased judge, attorney, or prosecutor, promptly inform LivRight and educate yourself on the process of filing a motion for change.

I do not give advice, these are the events that are happening to me. If you are not sure focus on finding an honest lawyer, good luck.