Carolyn Goodman Mayor or NAZI of The4thReich?

Carolyn GoodMan

Statement From Russell Martin 

Russell Martin went to his first open city council meeting to
address the issues of the criminal legal system. Mr. Martin asked if Carolyn
Goodman if she believed in the Constitution and protecting the rights of
individuals under the constitution. Carolyn Goodman responded with
“YES”. The first meeting Mr. Martin quietly told her of a problem
with the legal system submitting documents that the public defenders and judge
were committing chargeable offenses. That the legal system was attempting to
put Mr. Martin in jail for a crime he did not commit. Russell Martin left her
with the documents to review and for her to contact him. Mr. Martin was polite
not to represent her own son as a problem in the legal system. Carolyn Goodman
did nothing and the other counsel members did not respond. This is how the
political leaders are controlled and legal system address an issue that does
not follow the business model of the criminal legal and political system. Mr.
Martin waited and after further encounters with the legal system withholding
police body videos and pictures Mr. Martin returned to Carolyn Goodman to
report openly about the criminal system. Carolyn was supported by the city
attorney and city manager that she was not responsible. This is an act of blind
responce. Everyone was aware of the problem and closing their eyes. This is the
same as Germany when the politicians closed their eyes to gas camps killing
people. Shit even the neighbors to the camps did nothing and said nothing.
Carolyn Goodman is a Jew. It is not an enjoyable thought that a Jew is so close
to the political and legal system will not take action so they can financially
prosper.  WW2

LivRight is demanding the resignation of Carolyn Goodman. If she does not resign a BoyCott of Las Vegas
will remain in place until Carolyn Goodman and others are removed from public

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