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LivRight requires intelligent dedicated individuals to communicate effectively. Russ Martin the founder of LivRight has opened the database to programmers, SEO professionals and lawyers from around the world the world. LivRight is no longer controlled by one person or Russell Martin.

LivRight To Live Right – America / The World Needs to Unite Once Again.

There is No Courage Without Fear, stand and unite so you will loose fear. The One World Order who’s origins started in World War I, evolved again in World War II and now is on the march once again. World War III will start with a BoyCott and ground zero is Las Vegas, NV.

Welcome To LivRight

Protecting The Constitution of the United State.

The Constitution of the United States has served for 235 years. America has forgotten who protects their rights. The World needs to unite to restore freedom for all.

The Constitution is IGNORED, DILUDED and PERSECUTED. The Constitution is no longer protected by judges, FBI, or DOJ. You never hear about a judge being removed from public service for violating the Constitution. Welcome to The4thReich.

The power elite may have taken control of the world with Space Force laser technology and the United States military complex. The people around the world will  NOT be enslaved by a Social Credit Score. The United States government and police, legal and poticial system needs to fear The Constitution of The United States.

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