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Based on the Public Disclosures Judge Diane Sullivan has violated the Constitutional Rights of Russell Martin refused to follow legal mandates.

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LivRight objective is to restore the Constitution of the United States and stop corruption in the police, legal, political and public servants systems. 

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Statement From Russell Martin, Defendant

Four and a half years ago Robert Moos attacked me. He had premeditated thoughts in his head to make me submit to his authority. At the time I was not aware of his attention to me. I realized he was not of the right mind when he was ignoring the court rules.  However while I was in jail I began thinking about what happened. When he removed himself from the court to confront me as a police officer he was committing premeditated thoughts with an objective.

I had no idea that a freight train of corruption was coming my way. What we see happening with Donald Trump is happening down the chain of courts and legal systems. Corruption in the legal system is out of control. It is going to get worse.  While attending court I witness other men confused as to what was happening to them. I was confused and trusting in the Constitution and laws.  This is not the business model of the police and legal system. If America does not wake up and takes action our freedoms will be completely lost.