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Robert Moos is a retired police professional he bragged about this with other members. It was never verified by 5 public defenders to protect a police professional and the business model of the corrupt police and legal system. Russell Martin failed to gets copies of his facebook page before Robert Moos took it down.

What is important to understand is that Robert Moos removed himself from the racquetball courts to assert his authority over Russell Martin. When he exited the court addressing Russell Martin in the hallway he had no business or authority from the Las Vegas Athletic Club to asert court rules. When he invated Russell Martin’s space he was not asking why Russell Martin was preparing to play the next game he was telling Russell Martin, “You are not playing” This is an act of agression and power to assert authority. When he pressed his face into Russell Martin’s face he caused Russell Martin to fear for his life. When Russell Martin pushed his Robert Moos forehead back to get his face off of his face Robert Moos responced with intent to cause bodily harm or death turning his racquestball racquet to a hatch position striking Russell Martin on the forehead. Russell Martin blacked out and continued pushing Robert Moos who feel back into the court striking his head on the door or floor when he fell down.

As a legal professional looking at the disclosures Robert Moos committed premeditated attempted murder. As a professional police officer his actions were premeditated with intent to assert authority that he did not possess. Furthermore if Robert Moos had caused death he would have gotten away with murder protected by the legal system.

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LivRight objective is to restore the Constitution of the United States and stop corruption in the police, legal systems, and public servants of government.  LivRight Mission Statement

Statement From Russell Martin, Defendant

Robert Moos – Four and a half years ago November 20, 2019 I was attacked by a retired police professional. He bragged to me that he was a police chief. Robert Moos loved to be a bully in the Las Vegas Athletic Club courts, I just ignored him. However, I had no idea that a frieght train of corruption in the police and legal system was coming my way.  I obeyed the police thinking that the issue would be cleared up within 3 months. The videos you see about corrupt police officers is a manifestation of false arrests to represent power, control, and income for the legal system. Now I discovered that the system is progressing into a NAZI system The4thReich.

When this event happened I was unclear and nieve as to why these police and legal professional would put their careers at risk. The legal professional protect their income and the police who create false and embellished arrest reports.

Robert Moos is a retired police officer who failed to maintain retirement. He maintained his attitude that he is more powerful than me. As a retired police officer he was right. However today he will cause no less than 20 plus public employees to lose there careers. LivRight