Judge Eric Goodman Attorney Las Vegas or NAZI SS?

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Judge Eric Goodman Attorney – Look at the Public Records of the court action controlled by Eric Goodman. The duty of a Small Claims Judge is to manage the court actions and evaluate the testimony of the parties. Eric Goodman was clearly and transparently setting presidence to support the police and legal system to find Mr. Martin guilty.  Eric Goodman knows as a professional Judge that he could not adjudicate the small claims case until Russell Martin was found guilty. Every failure to take action represented grounds for being discharged as a judge public servant.

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LivRight objective is to restore the Constitution of the United States and stop corruption in the police, legal system and public servants. 

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Statement From Russell Martin, Defendant

The4thReich – Eric Goodman Small Claims Judge, Las Vegas or SS NAZI?

Judge Eric Goodman did not clarify or follow the questioning put forth by Mr. Martin to be engaged during the disclosure process. He closed all doors to full disclosure. Judge Eric Goodman allowed the arresting police officer Gabriel Villaneva to make claims he was a witness to the event. He appeared to be completely uninterested in the court proceedures.

Most recently Judge Eric Goodman was found in a public bathroom with his pants down around his ankles passed out on drugs and beatten. The story is being covered up.

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Las Vegas Police, Sheriffs Lawyers, Judges, District Attorneys, Attorney General have sadly lost there compass driven by income and power to serve the corrupt business model of The4thReich.