Judge Diane Sullivan Attorney Las Vegas NV or NAZI SS?

Judge Diane Sullivan Attorney

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Based on the Public Disclosures Judge Diane Sullivan has violated the Constitutional Rights of Russell Martin refused to follow legal mandates.

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Statement From Russell Martin, Defendant

If you get Judge Diane Sullivan as a judge or lawyer refuse her public or private services in court or out of court.

Diane Sullivan Judge knows that the arrest report was a false claim of Felony Assault With A Deadly Weapon Upon An Elderly Person. She knows as a professional Judge that what the public defenders did was a chargeable offence. She knows that Robert Moos the man who attacked me was a retired police officer who committed premeditated attempted murder.

Judge Diane Sullivan also violated my Constitutional request for a jury trial. The jury tril was my only insurance to defend myself from her criminal justice as judge with intent to find me guilty.  I got lucky when Robert Moos feared showing up in court.

This raises the next subject as well as so many others, why did Judge Diane Sullivan fail to issue an arrest of Robert Moos for failing to obey a court order subpoena. I requested that Robert Moos be arrested for premeditated attempted murder. She and the prosecutor refused.

Judge Diane Sullivan is guilty of protecting a retired police officer of crimes.

Judge Diane Sullivan was violating my constitutional rights as well as Nevada State laws over and over exposing clearly and transparently her objective to judge me guilty.

Las Vegas Police, Sheriffs Lawyers, Judges, District Attorneys, Attorney General have sadly lost there compass driven by income and power to serve the corrupt business model of The4thReich.