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LivRight objective is to restore the Constitution of the United States and stop corruption in the police, legal system and public servants. 

LivRight Mission Statement

Statement From Russell Martin, Defendant

Joe Lombardo Governor Nevada Rhino and or NAZI?

There is a foundation of trust that America has in The Constitution of the United States that allows an individual rights. Joe Lombardo and the American political and Federal Superior Court  leadership has broken this trust relationship. However this is the GRAND OBJECTIVE of the ONE WORLD ORDER. When the legal system becomes corrupt the only option is trust in The Constitution of the United States and the right to a jury trial. The Attorney General, District Attorney, Judges and all of the public defenders and prosecutors have supported efforts to deny Mr. Martin rights to a fair and just trial. The remaining charge of Battery Misdemeanor is a state law that allows Russell Martin a jury trial. This is the leadership and business model of the Joe Lombardo. The4thReich

Mr. Martin is only one man standing up to give disclosure to this issue as well as other chargeable offenses of the legal professionals. However over time will more people come forward who have been falsely charged for crimes they did not commit. Mr. Martin is still enduring further encounters with the legal and police system that includes withholding police body videos and pictures as well as tampering with the videos cutting audio and content. Mr. Martin submitted an updated package to give final disclosure before engaging LivRight.

LivRight is demanding the resignation of Joe Lombardo. If he does not resign a BoyCott of Las Vegas will remain in place until Joe Lombardo and others are removed from public service.

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Las Vegas Police, Sheriffs Lawyers, Judges, District Attorneys, Attorney General have sadly lost there compass driven by income and power to serve the corrupt business model of The4thReich.