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Jake Gullo Attorney – As a Public Defender in Las Vegas Jake has sadly lost his compass driven by financial gain. The State of Nevada legal system is a corrupt business model. This business model is the action of The4thReich NAZI system. As a trained attorney Jake knew that the arrest report was a false claim of Felony Assault. As a legal professional when Judge Tara Clarkson released the crimes of Jake Gullo serving Russell Martin as a Public Defender under the law of judicial immunity it represents the criminal path of a business model. A legal term that released “Kraken” to extort and kill without retribution. Judicial immunity is a criminal legal term for obsolving public servants of crimes. This Nevada State Law is not a Federal Law in the Constitution of the United States. Therefor it was clearly created to allow police, lawyers, judges and other public servants immunity from prosecution for criminal crimes. The very nature of this law allows for power elite to purchase allegiance of public servants. Jake Gullo knew as a professional attorney the arrest report was produced to induce the defendant Russell Martin to pay financial support to the legal system. This is extortion and racketeering created by professionals working within the State Of Nevada. Jake Gullo knew that Robert Moos was a retired police officer and refused to investigate his background. Jake Gullo committed criminal crimes of manifesting false documents to manipulate and expose Russell Martin to minimum of 5 years in jail if he did not obey the judges and legal pressures. Read Details Below.

LivRight objective is to restore the Constitution of the United States and stop corruption in the police, legal systems, and public servants of government.  LivRight Mission Statement

Statement From Russell Martin, Defendant

If you get Jake Gullo as a public defender or lawyer run away refuse his public or private services in court or out of court.

Jake Gullo violated every rule of fiduciary duty to me. I am not a smart man but when I go home and review the work Jake Gullo was performing I became confused. I used Google to search the laws. The law requires the lawyer to act with the highest level of loyalty, honesty, and good faith The law library conduct of a lawyer gives a great list. Jake not only violated every rule of fuduciary responciablity BUT he went further to manifest false witness statements to induce me to plead guilty. He should have lost his license to practice law but due the Nevada State criminal mafia monopoly legal system in all departments of government Jake Gullo is protected by Judicial Immunity. The police and legal system is a mafia organiztion morfing into a NAZI organiztion. What is more important is that Jake Gullo should file a lawsuit for being pressured into performing as a NAZI operative.

Jake has chosen to take the path of corruption profiting for his family while distroying someone else’s income & family. If someone has married or is in a relationship with Jake Gullo run. You will never live a functional life with trust.

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