Gabriel Villanueva Police Officer Las Vegas NV or NAZI Servant?

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Gabriel Villanueva Police Officer Las Vegas NV clearly and transparently violated his fudiciary responciablities to the public. When he manifested false.arrest statements to a level that would damage Russell Martin he represented his goal to improve his political standing with his fellow mafia associates. His goal was to elevate his position within the police system and secure his income so he can support his family at the expense of Russell Martin. Furthermore due to the withholding of videos did Robert Moos respresent himself as a retired police officer to Gabriel Villanueva? We will never know. The arrest of Felony Assault With A Deadly Weapon Upon An Elderly Person” was produced to induce the defendant Russell Martin to employ an attorney to defend himself.

Gabriel Villanueva Police Officer lied in small claims court that he was at the crime scene. Made false statements that he believed the witnesses and failed to evaluate the crime scene disclosures of Russell Martin?  Why? We can only speculate because the police body cames were not available at this time and when four years later they became available they were cut and editied. Primary videos of Russell Martin where not represented..

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LivRight objective is to restore the Constitution of the United States and stop corruption in the police, legal system and public servants. 

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Statement From Russell Martin, Defendant

Gabriel Villanueva, or NAZI? – Gabriel Villanueva violated his pledge to the Constitution of the United States. He no longer respects, honors or fears The Constitution of the United States. His trust to the public is nothing more than a soldier to The4thReich.  This is what The4thReich World Looks Like!

Gabriel Villanueva needs to be removed from public service. He is a preditor on a level that will be a long time liability for the public. The problem is that the legal system is corrupted with The4thReich business model that protects (Judical Immunity) and promotes policemen like Gabriel Villanueva. Gabriel Villanueva does not have the fortitude or morral fiber to tell The4thReich I will not be manipulated to create false arrest reports with intent to defraud a victim. This takes a lot of strenght that Gabriel Villanueva does not posess because he needs to make his house payments and support his family. He is willing to destroy the income and assests of another person to maintain his position and finanical wealth with The4thReich. Gabriel Villanneva is the type of policemen (soldier) who will put a person in jail for 5, 10, 20 years and not give a shit. He falls into one of two categories lazy thus stupid and or lazy, stupid and criminal.

This has all the ear markings of WW2 in Germany when the police were paid well to follow the leadership of The3rdReich. Soon the police became preditors for more money shooting Jews and people who defied the order of The3rdReich. There is more coming to America’s  future and it is called “Social Credit Score” how will our police professional perform when they are told to supress the patriots who oppose the Social Credit Score.