Aaron Ford Attorney General Nevada or "NAZI" SS?

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If you need Aaron Ford Attorney Generals office for support you are in trouble. If he returns to being a lawyer refuse his public or private services in public service, legal court or out of court. LivRight objective to restore the Constitution of the United States and stop corruption in the police and legal system.

Aaron Ford has sadly lost his compass driven by the lust for income and power. Aaron Ford knows that the arrest report was a false claim of Felony Assault With A Deadly Weapon Upon An Elderly Person. He knows and gives leadership to the police, prosecutors, defense attorney and now Judge Diane Sullivan throug Steven Wolfson his district attorney to obstruct justice and find Russell Martin guilty of a crime he did not commit. This is why people go to jail for 20 years or more for crimes they did not commit. Aaron Ford is responciable and  gives leadership to the objective of police officers to produce false arrest reports to induce a defendant like Russell Martin to employ an attorney to defend himself. The bills for Martin would be in excess of $20,000 to $100,000 dollars if a jury is engaged. Steven Wolfson knows that false witness reports, withholding of evidence, creation of false documents, pictures and videos being withheld and current videos representing deletion or tampering with police body videos.

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LivRight objective is to restore the Constitution of the United States and stop corruption in the police, legal system and public servants. 

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Aaron Ford Attorney General Nevada

I submitted to all the government organizations. They are all in collution of the business model. The organizations are smoke and mirrors. Internal Affairs Police, Nevada Bar Association, Commission on Judicial Discipline Nevada, District Attorney, Attorney General Nevada, & FBI.

I discovered more that other people are having the same problem of being manipulated in to pleading guilty for a lesser charge. This is a business model a mafia oranization to justify existance to maintain income for the government employees. What I also see is that the system is going to morph into a NAZI SS organization. This is where you are charged and procecuted by people who do not disclose who they are. Why? Because when charges were dropped I ask who was changing the charges as the document did not disclose the leadership of the document.  Then When I asked for the name of the prosecutor Judge Diane Sullivan interupted by asking me why I wanted the name of the prosecutor. The Prosecutor would not give her full name. There were other elements that lead me to believe the path of the legal system business model taking America into a world of Social Control with the Social Score.

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Las Vegas Police, Sheriffs Lawyers, Judges, District Attorneys, Attorney General have sadly lost there compass driven by income and power to serve the corrupt business model of The4thReich.