Jake Gullo Attorney - Public Defender, Las Vegas, NV or "NAZI"?

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Jake Gullo Attorney – Public Defender in Las Vegas has sadly lost his compass driven by leadership in the corrupt legal system business model. Jake knew that the arrest report was a false claim of Felony Assault With A Deadly Weapon Upon An Elderly Person. He knew as a professional attorney the arrest report was produced to induce the defendant Russell Martin to plead guilty. Jake Gullo commit criminal crimes to manipulate and exposing Russell Martin to minimum of 5 years in jail. Read Details Below.

LivRight objective is to restore the Constitution of the United States and stop corruption in the police, legal system and public servants.  LivRight Mission Statement

Statement From Russell Martin, Defendant

If you get Jake Gullo as a public defender or lawyer run away refuse his public or private services in court or out of court.

Jake Gullo violated every rule of fiduciary duty to me. I am not a smart man but when I go home and review the work Jake Gullo was performing I became confused. I used Google to search the laws. The law requires the lawyer to act with the highest level of loyalty, honesty, and good faith The law library conduct of a lawyer gives a great list. Jake not only violated every rule BUT he went further to manifest false witness statements to induce me to plead guilty. He should have lost his license to practice law but due the criminal mafia monopoly legal system in all departments of government Jake Gullo is protected by Judicial Immunity. The police and legal system is a mafia organiztion morfing into a NAZI organiztion. What is more important is that Jake Gullo should file a lawsuit for being pressured into performing as a NAZI operative. Jake has choosen to take the path of corruption profitting for his family while distroying someone elses income & family.

Disclosure & Public Recorded Documents

Jake Gullo Attorney, Public Defender or “NAZI”?

If you get Jake Gullo as a public defender or lawyer refuse his public or private services in court or out of court. Run away from this lawyer. LivRight objective is to restore the Constitution of the United States and stop corruption in the police and legal system.  LivRight Mission Statement

1 of 5 Public Defenders Discharged for Failing Fiduciary Responsibilities.

Jake Gullo Attorney was Russell Martin’s first public defender. The charge was “Felony Assault With A Deadly Weapon Upon An Elderly Person.” Russell Martin was told by Jake Gullo that the minimum jail term was 5 years. The court case was during Covid. However after 10 months Mr. Martin reports that he became concerned because Jake Gullo was doing nothing. So Mr. Martin went to the law library to understand the requirements of a public defender.  This is when he began to question Jake Gullo for Stonewalling and failing to provide a responsible fiduciary relationship with Mr. Martin.

Mr. Martin Creates a List of question for Jake Gullo to ask witnesses.

Mr. Martin made demands that witness statements be taken from Chris Adamson and Tony. Mr. Martin provided a list of questions.  However, this is when Jake earned the nick name “The Snake”. Jake Gullo created two false witness statements with three false claims because he wanted to induce Mr. Martin to plead guilty. See Public Records attached.

Jake Gullo, Public Defender or Prosecutor?

Jake Gullo public defender is a prosecutor rather than a public defender?  Meaning that the system is not defendant vs accuser or prosecutor, No No. Your public defender is a prosecutor and jury setting you up to plead guilty and the judge is the executioner. The goal of all the individuals in the legal system is to make you happy while executing you as guilty.

What Were The Signs: Jake Gullo Public Defender Attorney earned the title “The Snake”

A public defender or an outside attorney who is NOT performing his fiduciary duties to a defendant becomes a NAZI. Jake Gullo attorney public defender was stonewalling, withholding knowledge, withholding evidence, withholding photos, vidoes and withholding witness full names and addresses. Jake sequestered me from talking to witnesses. Jake refused to get demand from judge for police pictures and police body videos. Mr. Martin found out that he had the phone numbers of the witnesses and Mr. Martin demanded witness statements. This started Jakes plan to induce Mr. Martin to plead guilty by creating false witness statements. Jake and Tony Worthman used them to brainwash Russell Martin. 

False Witness Statement

The statements clearly incriminated Mr. Martin. Jake engaged Tony Worthman, investigator and the two of them used fear tactic of 5 years minimum in jail for a felony. 

Judge Michael Villane is He a NAZI SS?

Mr. Martin challenged the witness statements with the judge Michael Villani and this started the discovery that Mr. Martin was in a criminal court room with intent on finding Martin guilty. It is not about what the judge said calling Martin  a “LIAR” it was that he did not check the statements as true. What is the business model and where is the business model taking America, we the people. The4thReich

LivRight is demanding the resignation of Jake Gullo as a court appointed attorney and public service. If he does not resign or is discharged a BoyCott of Las Vegas will remain in place until Jake Gullo and others are removed from public service.

See Public Court Records Attached.  

Jake Gullo is an example of what is wrong with the police, legal, and political system. These are documents that have been submitted to the FBI, Attorney General, District Attorney, Nevada Bar Association and Commission for Judicial Discipline. There was no government organization that disciplines public servants. Where is the defense for an individual under the Constitution of the United States? There are no departments in the Government defending the law or Constitution of the United States. The fear Mr. Martin possesses is disclosing all this information of corruption.

Jake Gullo is guilty of chargable offenses as listed:

  1. Violating fudiciary trust with defendant Russell Martin
  2. Stonewalling court actions.
  3. Refusing to investigate false arrest report.
  4. Refusing to get documentation of Robert Moss employement as policeman (Chief).
  5. Failing to get Mr. Martin pictures and police body videos before Mr. Martin small claims case. Or at any time of defense.
  6. Failing to give disclosure that Mr. Martin never struck Robert Moos to prosecutors or judge.
  7. Failing to ask relevant questions during deposition.
  8. Making two False witness reports with multiple false claims.
  9. Colluding with Judge Michael Villiane and proscecutors to induce Mr. Martin to plead guilty.
  10. Charges have now been dropped to misdemeanor battery due to Mr. Martin refusing to plead guilty and demanding a jury court.  This is not the work of any defense attorney.
  11. If the pictures and videos that are now being delivered were availale four years ago the case would change direction and would have been done in six months or less. Also the truth would have been exposed with Chris Adamson.

Here are the attached PDF’s and Video disclosures. Every element of the police and legal system represents organized crime a mafia monopoly system committing tampering of evidence withhold evidence and manifesting of false evidence. Gabriel Villanueva false arrest report and Small Claims transcript represent multiple levels of criminal actions. The list goes on and on.

Chris Adamson Public Defender Jake Gullo False Witness Testimony

Chris Adamson Real Notized Witness Testimony

Monday Night Attack By Robert Moos Retired Police Chief.

This is Small Claims Judge Eric Goodman Public Court Transcript.

Small Claims Public Court Transcipt

Complaint Judge Eric Goodman Small Claims

The actions of Eric Goodman in small claims represents the legal system is corrupt. There is more and much more. Read about the other judges, lawyers, police.

Las Vegas Metro Police Declaration of Arrest

Las Vegas Metro Police Declaration of Arrest Blacked Out

Las Vegas Metro Police Arrest Document Charges

Las Vegas Metro Police Arrest Document Blacked Out

Las Vegas Police Who Is AJ Pollock First Arrest Report

Picture of Robert Moos back of head. No damages to front of face.

Picture of Robert Moos back of head.

Picture of Robert Moos back of head stitches.

Jake Gullo, The World Discloses...

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